Cinmaps enables organizations to be the focal point for the structure and participants in their particular industry or economic sector.  


Economic Development and Promotion

Find the level of Life Sciences activity in Eastern Ontario or in B.C.   Match organizations in similar subsectors of target markets.    Cinmaps delivers on finding regional participation in specific industries and regions.   Show off regional and cluster strengths to attract companies, people and investment.   Cinmaps supports economic development organizations at city, cluster, provincial or national levels. with tools that save costs.


Neuroscience Asset Map

Did you know there are over 800 neuroscience researchers, 130 brain-related companies, and 100 institutions involved in neuroscience in Ontario?

Welcome to the Ontario Brain Institute’s Neuroscience Asset Map.

This dynamic tool allows users ranging from patients to researchers, to companies and not-for-profits to discover and connect with neuroscience resources across Ontario. Through the Neuroscience Asset Map, OBI hopes to facilitate interaction and discovery among these stakeholders that will deliver collaboration opportunities, innovative services, and products for brain-related health care.

We are continually updating and expanding this resource, and hope you will take part in this exciting initiative to help mobilize Ontario as a world leader in brain discovery, commercialization and care.

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Canadian Ocean Technology Sector

The Canadian Ocean Technology Sector comprises knowledge based companies that invent, develop and produce technological products for specific use in or on the ocean, or provide knowledge-intensive, technology-based services, unique to the ocean.

Note: Education and research Institutions and NGOs that support those companies are included; heavy industries such as ship and boatbuilding, offshore oil production, port development, and waterway engineering are not included.
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